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Laboratory  Laboratory Spatulas & Spoons

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Art: Mc-1901-1904
Size: L=100 mm,W=3 mm
Art: Mc-1905-1908
Size: L100 mm,W= 6 mm
Art: Mc-1909-1914
Size: L=130 mm,W=9 mm
Art: Mc-1915-1918
Size: L=150 mm,W=15 mm
Art: Mc-1919-1921
Size: L=150 mm,W=9 mm
Art: Mc-1922
Size: L=170 mm
Art: Mc-1923-1925
Size: L=150 mm,W=5 mm
Art: Mc-1926-1930
Size: L=150 mm,W=15 mm
Art: Mc-1931-1936
Size: L=130 mm,W=23 mm
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